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Ripstyles provides cd ripping services and cd conversion services.

We simply provide the best cd ripping services around! convert in to mp3 today!

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ripstyles cd ripping services, cd ripping services and cd conversion services are second to none!

We provide the best CD ripping and CD conversion services available!

Ripstyles provides cd ripping services and cd conversion services, turning your music into great digital formats, while providing some of the best hardware in the industry. Now you can enjoy your CD Conversion wherever you go and anywhere in your home.

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Partnered with ReadyToPlay and Sonos we’re a perfect marriage for your digital music needs. We take your CDs (in binders, jewel cases or spindles) and load them to a NAS (you supply or we buy) or USB hard drive. The Sonos systems is quite an elegant solution and a ReadyToPlay music collection is the perfect compliment.

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We do about 25-30 Sonos projects a month. Most clients opt for LOSSLESS FORMATS (Apple Lossless or FLAC) plus a second rip to MP3 320kbps. The Lossless files are for Sonos while the MP3 rip will serve as your iPod/itunes music,

In most cases, we also load a Network Attached Storage and pre-set the NAS to RAID configuration with share folders for Sonos and Mp3!

Specifically for Sonos, in lossless, you can choose either Apple Lossless or FLAC (WMA Lossless is too CPU-intensive for the Sonos to decode). In a lossy codec, it’s typically best to go with MP3 320kbps, as it provides high-quality sound and can be used with just about any digital music player or software. Convert in to mp3 and more enjoy your CD collection.