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cd ripping service or cd ripping services? CD Ripping Services just for your collection. You may call it CD Conversion, CD to mp3 ripping and CD Ripping Service. Digitize your collection today! Amazon and Google got their cloud music services started before Apple. But Apple seems to be outshining the competition again with its cloud service… see how icloud and ripstyles cd ripping could work for you!MF Digital’s Ripstation Series batch ripper makes it easy to rip a large number of Audio, Video, or Data discs fully automatically. Visit us at

cd ripping services
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We’re making our name on service and consulting in this growing digital age:

We’re different because we provide valuable consulting on codecs & hardware compatibility before you order, use the BEST databases available and review each CD for accuracy. We don’t surcharge for lossless, fast processing or packing in jewel cases!

First, we approach your CD conversion project with care and a personal touch. It’s not a one-size-fits-all proposition, so we’d like to talk with you about the process. We can rip your CDs in the following formats, all for the same low price: Mp3 (all bit rates), FLAC, Apple Lossless, WMA Lossless or AIFF.
Second, our standard pricing for CD conversion is $1.29 per CD. This is for ANY format, LOSSLESS or MP3! Second format rips are usually an additional 20%. We MAY surcharge for classical collections, Read this article: ‘Why classical music is so hard to rip correctly’. WE WILL OFFER QUANTITY BREAKS ABOVE 300 CDS AND CAN WORK WITH YOU ON PRICING. CALL US TO DISCUSS!
Third, we accept CDs however you have them. We can ship you spindles for free or if you ship your CD collection in jewel cases, we’ll unpack/repack the CDs for free!
Fourth, we can load either a USB drive or Network Attached Storage for you.
Give us a call and we can quote you final pricing, answer any questions that you might have and take your order. You can also email us here.

We load the following media servers exclusively for custom installers: ReQuest, Kaleidescape, Russound, Escient, ELAN, AMX, Crestron, Colorado vNet, Control4, Imerge and more.

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